Film is always something that has interested me as a story-telling medium. For some time now I’ve been building my technique and, as I grow my skills, it has become an exciting part of my work. I work alone so everything you see below was produced, shot and edited as part of the same workflow. This workflow has taken a long time and a lot of field work to understand and implement and I am pleased with where I have found myself as a journalist.

On every story I do, large or small, I have the capability to run two principal cameras, deliver professional-quality lighting and audio, build the story to the highest standards of professional journalism and edit and deliver the final product. I bring variety to my stories by working with drones, gimbals, sliders and smaller, specialized cameras. I record on multiple audio streams to be safe and have the knowledge to work under almost any lighting conditions. My post-production workflow is based around Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere Pro and Audition mainly) and Da Vinci Resolve if colour work is needed.

I’ve gone on this path because of my commitment to building real stories that provide real solutions. I am able to travel alone and have built the skills to deliver the highest-quality content on any platform a client might want at a fraction of the price of sending a full crew, journalist and photojournalist. Working alone and having a tiny footprint also affords access a full crew might not have as experience has shown me that there is often only one seat in the truck or on the plane.

I’m excited to see what stories this skill package can uncover.